Comments from our customers...

Often times when we are meeting with potential clients for the first time, they will ask us, so “Why NEALABC”?  Why should we choose you over the other companies we have talked to?  So we started to ask those exact questions and below are some of their comments.


  • NEALABC starts where we the customer is and provides us solutions to best adhere to our needs.
  • NEALABC is interested in fostering long time relationships vs. transactional sales.
  • NEALABC really understands business from multiple angles providing us the knowledge to implement our CRM successfully while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.
  • NEALABC CRM implementation approach focuses on ensuring their customers understand the system in its entirety when the project commences vs. trying to just sell a program with no interest in internal adoption.
  • I really like your flexible training programs and the fact that they include 20 plus years of experience across many business verticles providing necessary insight into how businesses work and flow.
  • The NEALABC training systems follow tried and true sales methodologies that provide professionals the framework to be successful once the course concludes.  They adapt the training to our needs vs. pushing an out of the box variety.


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A path to achieving superior sales performance. The purpose of our proprietary Total Selling Organization (TSO) methodology is simply to help our clients create an organization that focuses the entire business enterprise on achieving superior sales performance.
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