How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Business Models

In this article, CEO Jayshree Pandya of Risk Group writes, “Over the years, digital data has been growing at a staggering pace across nations. It is essential to understand:(i) how this new data-driven intelligence reality brings each business across countries an entirely new world full of opportunities and risks; and (ii) what the expected consequences for each market (existing and emerging) would be?” How are you preparing your business for the challenges of automation driven growth? Contact us to see how NEALABC can help.

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Wild & Wolf (video 3)

Watch how Wild & Wolf implemented #MSDyn365 to efficiently move data around their business and effectively sell products to their customers.

#Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation

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10 Myths On Moving To The Cloud

Fact or Fiction? A common misconception about Office 365 is that it is simply a version of Office accessed by a browser.

Download “10 Myths On Moving To The Cloud,” brought to you by Microsoft for Nonprofits, to learn what nonprofits really need to know about moving to a hosted solution. #tech4good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation

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Intel Introduces Project Athena

Ready. Set. PC Action! Want to see what the newest laptops do? Check out this intriguing, movie-in-a-movie video, “Intel® Introduces Project Athena,” brought to you by NEALABC, and pay close attention to the “screens.” @IntelBusiness

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We All Knew Tech Would Make Work Better

According to the @NYTimes and @Microsoft, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials.

“For the first time, there are five generations working together–from the youngest of the Greatest Generation to the oldest of Gen Z. After a revolution in the workplace spurred by technology, companies are finding that a balanced approach may be the most effective.”

Our team can help you modernize your workplace to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. Visit to learn more about our Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions.

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Hidden Cameras

Watch this video of our partner Ed Bensigner who talks about the dangers of hidden cameras.  Get informed!

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Customer Story: Think Up Consulting Recap

Struggling to grow your business?

Before @ThinkUpConsulting implemented #Office365 on #Windows 10 devices, employees wasted time switching between disparate systems. They created a unified solution to accelerate their business and save time.

Watch this video to see how Think Up Consulting has transformed their small business, and visit to learn how you can #GetModern with our Microsoft solutions.

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