"The Harder I Work the Behinder I Get" AKA – "Time Management"


Optimizing sales time has been and remains a quintessential dilemma for owners, sales managers, and sales professionals.
The reality is all sales teams, and sales professionals have one thing in common, an equal amount of time 24/7.
The differentiator is the very best sales teams, and sales professionals have figured out how to utilize that precious time most effectively.
The list of major time “drainers” from sales professionals are as follows:

  • Admin responsibilities
  • Paper/ computer input
  • CRM use
  • Responding to emails / voice mails / text
  • Order entry, follow up on deliveries, handle complaints, credit reports, aging accounts payable
  • Internal disputes
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings
  • Etc.

The list goes on and on, while frustration mounts; owners, sales manager, and sales professionals become increasingly unhappy and start pointing fingers.
A knee jerk decision is made, hire a time management expert to help everyone optimize their time.
Good idea, kind of, what’s missing?
Generally, off the shelve, time management training and consultants are just that. They are not sales-focused they are time focused.
The dilemma is combining the expectations, objectives, and goals of the company with a sales professional’s behavioral tendencies, skills, and selling style. Merely helping them organize their “time” is less than half the real battle.
Experts have written about the subject ad nauseum, and there are many approaches to time management, NEALABC has created a logical and straightforward process specifically for sales teams and individual sales professionals called “Sales Time Optimization Process” (STOP) it is cost-effective and delivers immediate results.
Sales Time Optimization Process (STOP)

  • Assessment of current time focus online
  • Determine company preferred focus
  • LAPS Calculator
  • Define “Gap”
  • Prioritization Exercise
  • Develop Strategic Sales Plan (SSP) & Individual Sales Plans (ISP)
  • Execute Management Review Process (MRP)

Remember, time is precious; how we use it is the issue.
Contact Chris Neal CSO at cneal@nealabc.com for details and a free assessment.

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