Free Microsoft 365 License Audit

FREE Microsoft 365 License Audit

With Microsoft 365 Family you and the people you share with can:

• Get design and writing suggestions, plus thousands of templates, stock photos, icons, and fonts in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• Access and share files and photos across devices with OneDrive

• Know files are protected with built-in ransomware detection and recovery; your most important files are protected with two-step verification in OneDrive Personal Vault

• Gain access to new features as soon as they’re released

Benefits of our FREE Audit:

  • We will work to get you savings over your current fees
  • We will also help you with any adds and deletes
  • We also provide micro-training sessions on tools your paying for but not using
  • We will help you consolidate all your different pricing plans into one really good one
  • We will identify any over-licensed users too, and not using the features they are given
  • We will provide a data-visualization of each of your users and their usage amounts all done in PowerBI of course
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