Free Microsoft Office 365 License Audit

FREE Microsoft Office 365 License Audit

After so many years, Microsoft finally is getting beyond the box, a box of software that is and now all of their Office products are in and available in the cloud.  They call the cloud of products, Office 365.  Now as you probably know, this comes with a set of challenges keeping all your licenses up to date and complete and cancelled when an employee leaves your organization.  We are offering a FREE license Audit and we will GUARANTEE  we will save you money from what your paying now.  We provide a full written report of the current status of all your licenses.  We will also include a review of any other Microsoft licenses you may have.

Benefits of our FREE Audit:

  • We will guarantee you savings over what you are currently paying
  • We will also help you with any adds and deletes
  • We also provide micro-training sessions on tools your paying for but not using
  • We will help you consolidate all your different pricing plans into one really good one
  • We will identify any over-licensed users too, and not using the features they are given
  • We will provide a data-visualization of each of your users and their usage amounts all done in PowerBI of course
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