Family Operated Business

Hard-working entrepreneurs manifested in Family Operated Businesses (FOB) are the bedrock of the American business community. They are the moms and dads, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and a whole array of extended family members and friends that have created high performing companies.

For almost two decades NEALABC has been and continues to be a FOB. We recognize their unique dynamics and challenges and have created a process to help them achieve their objectives and goals.

The issues range from deciding on business strategy, chain of command, succession planning, roles and responsibilities, leadership, and thoughtful transition from one generation to the next.

Exploring these “real” and “sensitive” issues requires in-depth understanding and seasoned professional experience.

Our senior coaches have extensive human resource, organizational design, communication, human behavior, and business experience, expertise, and education that allows them to help navigate our clients through these issues.

NEALABC addresses the vital factors that advance alignment, leadership, and planning. Building a healthy and cohesive culture that reflects the FOB’s values in their family and business objectives is of paramount importance.

Below are two packages that can be customized to meet each FOB’s specific needs.

Family Business Optimization - Professional Package

    • Assessment of Family Business
    • Assessment Review
    • Works for Organizations up to 2 Members

    Family Business Optimization - Enterprise Package

      • Assessment of Family Business
      • Assessment Review
      • Works for Organizations up to 10 Members
      • Customized to your Organization – Yes

      Contact Chris Neal to learn more about our Family Business Optimization Packages.

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