A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Application

No field will be left untouched by AI. Its transformational power will span fields as diverse as astronomy where AI has accelerated the pace of new discoveries, to conservation where ecologists and conservationists are working with AI-powered tools to help track, study, and protect elusive and endangered animals. Read this developer’s eBook to discover:

• How the intersection of cloud, data and AI enables organizations to build intelligent systems
• The tools, infrastructure, and services available as part of the Microsoft AI platform
• How to teach your bot/application new AI skills
• How ONNX may be relevant to your AI work

The Importance Of Creating A Digitally Cultured Workplace

Have you fully adopted the digitally cultured workspace? In this article, Tony Holbrook writes, “Digital technology influences everything. Our society has been fundamentally changed by the rise of things like mobile devices. They’ve altered the way we interact socially and are at the core of an increasingly digital shift in the nature of commercial relationships.”

Click the link to learn more on the various aspects of embracing and maximizing this shift with clear and actionable advice.

Lenovo Premier Support Difference

This captivating Lenovo® Premier Support video highlights the issues faced by IT teams when handling technical support on their own versus using a comprehensive, customer-focused service plan. With the theme “No More,” it focuses on the importance of offering a service plan delivering “more access, support, time saved, and productivity.”

Machine Learning in the Cloud

This captivating video on “Machine Learning in the Cloud” highlights how HPE InfoSight™ learns from systems around the globe and uses this knowledge to predict and resolve 86% of problems across the infrastructure stack—eliminating sleepless nights for IT managers. For more information on HPE InfoSight intelligent storage solutions, contact us today.

Learning Tools For Microsoft OneNote May Be One Of The Most Disruptive Education Technologies Yet

What makes an education technology tool truly innovative?

At NEALABC, we are excited about technology that makes use of existing tools in new ways to solve a problem no one has before. Innovations like Learning Tools for OneNote combine with existing tools, such as Bing’s speech recognition and natural language processing, to make the perfect reading assistant built for dyslexic learners but extremely useful for all budding readers.

Those are the types of innovations we want to help you implement in the classroom. Contact us to learn more.

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Windows 10 Security Features

How would you like to reduce costs and enhance your security features on a new device?

$1.1 million was saved by those using Windows 10 as a result of reduced productivity impact of malware infections. With #Windows 10, you can save time, stay up to date, and reduce costs. Check out the full @Forrester study on @Windows security features.

And if you’re ready to replace your old device and #GoModern, contact NEALABC to learn more.

Under Used, Under Threat: Five critical technology challenges small businesses need to overcome now…

The white paper titled “Under Used, Under Threat” discusses how SMBs view IT investments and the 5 key challenges they must address to be equipped for business in the digital economy. For more information on Cisco Designed for SMB solutions, contact us today. View: Under Used, Under Threat: Five critical technology challenges small businesses need …

Under Used, Under Threat: Five critical technology challenges small businesses need to overcome now… Read More »

Wild & Wolf Video 2

Watch this video and learn how @wildandwolf harnessed the power of #MSDyn365 to run their business using as few solutions as possible, yet attaining the most room to grow:

#Microsoft #Technology #IT #BusinessAutomation #cloud #ERP

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