10 Practices of World–Class Sales Coaches
28 August 2017

10 Practices of World–Class Sales Coaches

Many attempts at sales coaching are done on the fly with no method or plan in place. Often, a barrage of criticisms, resorts, and emotional tirades take center stage! The coaching sessions becomes a source of irritation versus constructive learning.

The key to any successful coaching session is preparation by the sales manager. Each interaction should have a purpose and a plan behind it.

Here are ten practices that world-class sales coaches employ:

  •       Be prepared
  •       Perform sessions with trust and consistency
  •       Establish routine times /places
  •       Set expectations ISPs (Individual Sales Plans)
  •       Use reports and information in CRM
  •       Create an atmosphere of continuous improvement
  •       Evaluate as an individual
  •       Commit to helping professional succeed
  •       Reward & recognize success
  •       Follow up, follow up, follow up!

These are all designed to refine and optimize sales talent. The difficulty, often, is focusing human beings who are, by their very nature, different.

Incorporating the Ten Practices with the X Factor is a winning combination. If you would like more information about optimizing sales coaching give NABC a call at 480-229-7800.

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