Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Sales Coaching
28 August 2017

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Sales Coaching

What is a Sales Manager’s role?

  •       Lead the sales team
  •       Maximize sales revenue
  •       Implement a sales plan
  •       Develop new markets
  •       Hire & train sales professionals
  •       Handle personnel issues
  •       Manage compensation
  •       Communicate internally & externally
  •       Etc. Etc. Etc.

The list goes on and each responsibility demands in-depth discussion and, in fact, thousands of books and articles have been written about each.

Over the years, I have determined a very critical role is coaching an individual sales professional’s capabilities, skills, and performance. The key elements of effective sales coaching are:

  •       Aligning each sales professional with the Strategical Sales Plan (SSP) through an Individual Sales Plan (ISP)
  •       Creating an environment / culture that supports personal and professional growth
  •       Focused interaction with each sales professional for continuous improvement

There are many philosophies on the best ways to coach sales professionals. These philosophical approaches are reflected in stylistic differences manifested most frequently in the business and sports world, e.g.  Jack Welsh, Lou Holtz, Harvey MacKay, John Maxwell, etc.

If you analyze some of the best coaches in any field, there are some distinct similarities which I call the X Factor:

  •       Passion for helping others achieve their potential
  •       Treat people with dignity /respect
  •       Inspire a shared vision/plan
  •       Enable others to act
  •       Model desired behavior
  •       Inspect what you expect

These simple yet powerful similarities integrate; passion, focus, process, and genuine human communication. Executing the X Factor is not simple, however awareness of its presence and practicing its principles will ultimately result in more effective sales coaching and improved individual sales performance.

For more detailed information on sales coaching give NABC a call at 480-229-7800 for a free sales coaching assessment.

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