Petroglyphs, Pencil, Pen, Paper, or Technology?
05 July 2017

Petroglyphs, Pencil, Pen, Paper, or Technology?

In the “old days” man created stone tablets, petroglyphs, scrolls, etching, pencils, pens, typewriters, day planners, etc., to communicate and keep track of stuff.

Then, one day, we collectively were begotten computers! And by the late 1990s came CRM. Customer Relationship Management was introduced as the business solution to collecting, tracking, and optimizing vital information for improved decisions making. In simple terms, a systemic means to communicate vital information.

Technology had arrived, and to the informed is here to stay!

Although 20 years has passed since the introduction of CRM systems, only 70% of businesses are using it and less than half of those are using it effectively.


Many sales people say; it wastes too much time putting information into the CRM, it is primarily for managements benefit as “big brother” watches and yet others lament it’s not mobile.

From management’s perspective; it’s too costly, not everyone wants to use it, it is too complicated and it just doesn’t work for our industry.

And the beat goes on, as those who seem to always resist change are the last adapters.

In today’s B to B business world, sub-optimization of technology is akin to gross negligence! Yes, I said negligence.

There is so much information that needs to be collected and analyzed. The ROI of business resources and strategies is a must. It is simply humanly impossible to do it effectively without CRM systems.

Today’s CRM systems go way beyond their original intent of collecting contact information about customers and prospects. The highly-sophisticated CRM solutions available have evolved into comprehensive business management tools. They impact all departments of an enterprise; managing and prioritizing the flow of critical information.

Now the operative question; where are you on the technology curve? On the cutting edge or lagging?

The use of CRM systems is not optional for today’s business to business sector. It has become a fundamental tool expected by customers, employees, and informed   business leaders.

NABC recommends an “annual check- up” of CRM to evaluate where you are and where you’re going. Competing better and winning more often is at stake!

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