OMG: Out of the Mouths of Babes!
22 November 2016

OMG: Out of the Mouths of Babes!

I was consulting at a tech company and the CEO complained about his employees wasting time, not completing their work and a pervasive lack of a sense of urgency throughout the work force.

During a stroll around his office I noticed many employees on the internet, some playing games or otherwise enamored with social media pursuits. There was a very casual atmosphere with an apparent tail wagging the dog culture.

Of course, we all know the ubiquitous presence of social media and its ease of access has created significant issues in the work place with job productivity at the head of the list.

Being an astute consultant, I consulted an expert on such a complex matter. The guru of common sense, Logan, my 5-year-old grandson. He listened attentively as I outlined the problem in very basic five year old terms.

Logan paused thoughtfully then responded, “Grampa you’re not supposed to play at work, you play video games at home!” OMG such profundity, such utter clarity, and such common sense, articulated by a five year old.

Yet our work place is conflicted. Very well educated owners, professional staff, and HR managers search endlessly for the answers from work place gurus.

They gush PC oversensitivity to employees who are universally and stereotypically downtrodden, under paid and over worked! Thus rationalizing with cognitive dissonance, “Of course they deserve to play at work, it is only right, in fact it is their right”. The flawed logic is perplexing and fallacious.

Perhaps management needs to take Logan’s counsel, state the obvious along with a work place policy that simply prohibits this behavior; period end of story.

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