Sales Sharks vs. Business PC!
16 August 2016

Sales Sharks vs. Business PC!

Most departments within an organization view themselves as the end all and almost collectively perceive sales as some sort of unprofessional activity.  Sales people are often conceived of as “Sharks” that unfortunately are necessary predators, but the rest of the organization is the “real deal” and certainly PC and above reproach.

This sentiment is tacitly espoused by our academic community including prestigious business schools. They proudly highlight Marketing, Finance, HR, Statistics, and Operational courses but for the most part are strangely void of a sales curriculum.

The inference is that sales isn’t a “real” discipline, but some strange amalgamation of art, hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors, and simply unfathomable to the scientific community. Thus it can’t be capture or replicated, much less taught.

Robert Herjavec notably from the Shark Tank TV hit show recently wrote a book entitled, “You Don’t Have to be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success”, his book correlates with Harvey MacKay’s book, “Swimming With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.”

Both books have multiple positive sales/ business themes that debunk academia much less intra - organizational misconceptions. There are two messages that resonates with me:

  •        Robert Herjavec, “Sales are the beginning of everything business tries to achieve. “  
  •        Harvey MacKay, “Many people think sales is a negative word, but we have no jobs without sales.”

These words correspond to NABC’s philosophy that nothing happens until a sales is made. They are very much in harmony with our proprietary TSO (Total Selling Organization) organizational design that focuses squarely on creating a world class culture that supports the main purpose of any business; to provide a good or service that customers need, want and are willing to pay for.

The TSO approach underscores that all departments and employees are truly involved in selling and achieving full customer satisfaction. Thus, strategically the entire enterprise must be committed and engaged in executing the business plan and collectively accountable for results.

Managing a successful company through the trouble waters of today’s fast paced and every changing market place requires bringing the “sales sharks” and the rest of an organization resources together as one!

 Give NABC  a call for a free assessment to see if TSO is right for you. 

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