Sales Call Symmetry
08 August 2016

Sales Call Symmetry

In excess of 60% of sales professionals embark on a sales calls without a plan in mind to achieve their desired outcome.

They might have a general idea of what they want, but no clear process to accomplish it. In other words they are simply “winging it” and rely on their innate verbal dexterity and superior salesmanship to eventually communicate a cogent purpose.

So what else is new, most people including; owners, sales managers and indeed sales professionals view sales as some amorphous art form! This aberration of sales is reinforced by sales people who abhor structure and process, viewing both as an impediment to their effectiveness.

This structure less approach is not only baffling to management, but similarly mind boggling to customers. How do you duplicate, measure, and teach “smoke and mirrors” created by each individual sales artist?

The answer is you can’t!

Well then, let’s all abdicate our managerial responsibilities and delegate our precious top line to the miracle workers and purveyors of the “secret sauce” and let the chips fall where they may.

My tongue is somewhat firmly implanted in my cheek. The first huddle for managers and sales people is to embrace sales as a process that is definable, teachable, replicable, and results driven. It is captured in a very fundamental and uncomplicated communication principle, KISS (Keep It Simple Salesperson)

Each sales call should consider the following:

  •        Define the purpose of the meeting ( 2-3 critical points)
  •        Communicate it to the customer as you secure the appointment
  •        Review it when the meeting starts
  •        Cover the points
  •        Get feedback
  •        Agree on next steps


There is a beginning, middle, and end to all things including sales calls. The symmetry created by a logical flow is truly magical when used consistently.

That’s it!

NABC can help you create the sales call process and customize it for your particular customer base just give us a call at 480-229-7800 or email for a free assessment.

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